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Don’t just take our word for it—let our members tell you how O’Reilly helps them focus on the topics that matter so they can build the knowledge and skills they need to stay ahead of the curve.

“Having a resource like O’Reilly is a great support to people who want to broaden, widen, or deepen their knowledge base.”—Sujatha Das, Global Head, Learning and Organizational Development

“O’Reilly is basically a one-stop shop for learning more about the technology we’re getting into. It’s something that once you start doing, you can’t do without.”

“We’ve noticed different kinds of value we get from [O’Reilly]. The most obvious is: there’s a great breadth of technical content.”

“For the working professional, if you want the continuous learning aspect, I think it’s the best platform.”

We’re prepared for the unexpected

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“O’Reilly helped the team quickly pick up the concepts, and they started building software rapidly.”

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O’Reilly has become a one-stop shop

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“The reporting function in O’Reilly gives CTU the ability to track our students’ progress and better support at-risk students.”

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My year with O’Reilly

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“I hope it will help you all gain knowledge like it has helped me.”

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A learning solution that fits our values

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“The depth and breadth of content meets all levels of experience and demand.”

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Learning for the entire organization

“O’Reilly. . .offers learning solutions that can benefit Agile organizations.”

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“Our company is in the midst of rapid growth and needed a learning resource that would scale as our business grows and demonstrate our commitment to our employee’s training and development. O’Reilly was a perfect fit because their high-quality content matches and stellar reputation matches the calibre of our employees. Our entire tech team has the best learning resources at their fingertips to help them quickly onboard, learn new skills together, solve problems on the fly, and help our business make tectonic shifts in our technology stack to support the rapid growth. And the best part is O’Reilly allows us all to totally nerd out!”

“Our purpose is to give our customers the confidence to be whoever they want to be, and that goes for our 3,000+ employees too. There’s nothing that excites us more than finding talent, fuelling it, then letting it fly. Working with O’Reilly helps us to do exactly that; with a choice of learning formats and a vast range of topics, we’re able to offer a powerful productivity tool for everyone, at all levels. Whether it’s proficient employees needing to go deep into a topic area or live online courses for those wanting to learn a new skill, we love knowing that we’re supporting our employees’ development and building a pipeline of talent to truly keep fashion moving forward.”

“O’Reilly is a steady companion for upskilling Zalando’s tech community. Thanks to the broad and latest online offerings, we can boost both guided and self-directed learning across our international workforce.”