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July 7, 2022

Getting Started with Tensorflow.js

Presented by Brian Sletten

Machine learning in the browser Machine learning (ML) helps manage the explosion of data that we no longer have the capacity to approach with conventional strategies. TensorFlow.js leverages the availability of ...

May 31, 2022

Introduction to Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Presented by Dr. Chuck Easttom

This is an overview of how machine learning impacts cybersecurity. The first 60% of the course is an introduction to machine learning covering a wide range of techniques and algorithms. Then ...

June 22, 2022

Graph-Powered Machine Learning First Steps

Presented by Jörg Schad

From graph analytics to graph neural networks: Making the most of your graph data Many powerful machine learning algorithms—including PageRank (Pregel), recommendation engines (collaborative filtering), and text summarization and other NLP ...

June 22, 2022

Docker for Machine Learning Engineers—with Interactivity

Presented by Jonathan Fernandes

One of the challenges when working in machine learning is the continuous stream of new libraries that are available and standardising the development environment for the team. Docker allows us to ...

June 27, 2022

Explainable Machine Learning Models—with Interactivity

Presented by Parul Pandey

Making sense of opaque and complex models using Python Machine Learning is a powerful tool and is being increasingly used in multi-faceted ways across several industries. These AI models are being ...

May 23, 2022

Automated Machine Learning with Microsoft Azure

Presented by Axel Sirota

Get the best model for your data Building machine learning models means constantly iterating on the best features, the best architectures, and the best algorithms until you get a model that ...