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When you invest in a learning platform, you want to know that it’s working for your teams. We get it. That’s why we’ve developed innovative ways for administrators to see how teams are learning at a glance—making the O’Reilly Insights Dashboard the most sophisticated reporting tool in the industry.

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Results that tell a story about your teams

Completing a course or getting a certificate doesn’t give you a holistic view of how—and how much—your teams are learning. To truly understand the effectiveness of what they’re learning, you need to know outcomes.

Learning patterns

Differentiate between comprehensive knowledge building (linear learning) and quick problem solving (nonlinear learning) to create a complete picture of exactly how your teams are learning.


Content is consumed in a continuous and sequential order. Your employees are building new skills.


Content is consumed out of sequence. Your users are pinpointing the specific information they need to solve a problem and applying it to their work.

Topic engagement

See which topics your teams are developing expertise in and those that are emerging trends. So you can ensure your employees are focused on the areas that are most critical to your organization.


Employees have shown significant interest in a particular topic—it’s a core focus for them.


Employees have shown interest in a new topic (beyond browsing) but haven’t consumed enough content for it to be a core focus area.

The Learning Patterns tool is the next step in understanding our learners’ paths to knowledge. Not only does it provide insight into their usage, but more importantly it shows us how their usage is tied to the overall learning journey.
Sharon Golan, Senior Program Manager for Technical Training & Enablement, Avaya

Compare your teams to the competition

Are your teams among the leading learners in your industry? Or are there some areas where they could catch up? Now you can compare your company to those within a range of industries so you can quickly spot any imbalances and help steer your teams to what they need to know to get ahead. And stay there.

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Get deeper insights at a glance

Dive into exactly how your teams are utilizing O’Reilly with stats on engaged users, units of content viewed, unique pieces of content accessed, and searches conducted. Download user activity data, keep track of the topics and resources your teams are exploring, and understand how O’Reilly is being put to use on a daily basis. Plus, you can pull the entire O’Reilly content catalog right into your learning experience platform, sync your teams’ individual activity data, and more.

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