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Yes, O’Reilly is best known for helping tech teams stay ahead. And for good reason—we’ve been sharing the knowledge of innovators for over 40 years. But we also offer droves of content to help with marketing, management training, and more. So your best coders can grow to become effective team leaders.

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More than better learning. It’s smarter collaborating.

Getting your teams on top of the latest trends in technology and business? Smart. Getting them to do it together? Wise. Here are just a few of the ways we empower them to grow together.

Live online training

Teams can all attend an expert-guided live online course—and ask questions along the way—so they’ll share the same fundamental knowledge to tackle problems as a unit.

Interactive training

Interactive scenarios give less experienced team members hands-on time with a new technology in a safe dev environment. It’s available through their browser, so there’s no setup required.

Smart recommendations

Tailored content suggestions are driven by enhanced machine learning and are updated in real time. And content can easily be shared with coworkers.

Certification prep

Paths to the official materials plus interactive practice tests. Because when teams are certified, you can trust in their proficiency.

Check out the Features page to see all the ways we help your teams learn today, so your company is ready for whatever comes next.

O’Reilly is a steady companion for upskilling Zalando’s tech community. Thanks to the broad and latest online offerings, we can boost both guided and self-directed learning across our international workforce.
—Annett Laube, Learning Manager Tech Academy, Zalando SE

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Deeper insights into your own company—and the competition too

Our proprietary insights dashboard gives learning management teams an at-a-glance understanding of what employees are learning—and also how they’re learning. Plus, you can compare your team’s engagement with trending topics like those below against other companies in your industry. Learn more

  • Data

    • Machine learning
    • Data analysis
    • Data visualization
  • Business

    • Agile
    • Product management
    • Team management
  • Programming

    • Python
    • Blockchain
    • Software architecture
  • IT & systems

    • DevOps
    • AWS
    • Docker
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A Leader’s Mandate

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